OctoFrost Group, a globally recognized manufacturer of food processing equipment, has always worked to position itself as an industry innovator, continuously offering value-adding and sustainable solutions to the food processors worldwide.

Over the years, OctoFrost realised the need to improve the existing traditional impingement freezing technologies and offer a more cost- and space-efficient solution. And therefore, at the beginning of 2022 – the Swedish manufacturer launched the Multi-Level Impingement Freezer.

Innovating Impingement Freezing

Impingement freezing is a rapid freezing method suited for various thin food products, such as hamburgers, fish and chicken fillets, shrimp, dumplings and many more. Some food processors are using this type of freezers for crust freezing prior to slicing larger products. The fundamental principle of impingement freezing is based on using high-speed, cold airstream that hits the product from both above and below, resulting in quick and individual freezing of each product piece laying on the conveyor belt.

The OctoFrost Multi-Level Impingement Freezer brings some completely unique features into this type of freezing. Designed for a small footprint, it uses three conveyor straight belts instead of a single belt like that in most freezers. This doubles the production capacity per square metre of factory space.

When compared to other similar technologies, the OctoFrost Multi-Level Impingement Freezer is a great alternative to cryogenic freezing as it eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen, significantly reducing the running costs for the food processors.

This solution provides several advantages to food processors, including a higher load capacity, preserved product shape, and the flexibility to run different products on each level. 

A unique opportunity for seafood processors

Moreover, when it comes to seafood processors, the OctoFrost Multi-Level Impingement Freezer offers a significant competitive advantage: the possibility to install glazers at both ends for products that require glazing (such as shrimps and fish fillets).

This setup allows glazing three times and hardening the glaze – all in the same freezer as the product travels from one belt level to another – a truly revolutionary, space-efficient and lucrative solution.

To learn more about OctoFrost and its innovative freezing solutions, visit www.octofrost.com.

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