Bishop-Wisecarver Corp., Pittsburg, Calif., added to its collection of rotary motion solutions. Bishop Wisecarver rotary track

The 1-Trak is a single-piece track system that is completely seamless and free running with no possibility of misalignment during installation or in service, resulting in smoother, quieter motion.

The entire track element is manufactured from a single piece of steel, with or without a base plate, and features a three-bearing wheel plate. The design's natural strength and accuracy makes it suitable as a structural element of the machine. The product can be customized with holes, slots and other features, eliminating the time and cost involved in designing a separate mounting plate for the track system.

In addition to facilitating a high degree of flexibility, the three-bearing geometry combined with the track shape ensures that the wheel plate exhibits zero play everywhere on the circuit. This is a key benefit compared to other tracks where there is “lift off” of the wheel plate from the track between straight and curved sections.

The 1-Trak circuits can also accommodate tighter bends, saving space and costs while allowing the manufacturer to optimize production layout.

Also within the new product range is the availability of rectangular flat track profiles and track roller wheel plates. This option is recommended for use when two track systems are mounted in parallel. It allows the roller bearings on one side to “float” axially whilst the other side is fixed and captivated by the vee bearings. This type of configuration compensates for parallelism tolerances, and completely eliminates the excessive loading and binding that can occur.

Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.