Manufacturers and equipment builders looking to simplify their machine architectures and reduce the system footprints can turn to Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Rockwell Automation controllerBradley Armor GuardLogix programmable automation controller (PAC).

The Milwaukee, Wis.-based manufacturers provides users with a high-performance, multi-disciplined control in a controller that can be installed directly on-machine. This on-machine solution minimizes the number of components in the cabinet, thus reducing wiring time while helping increase uptime. The Armor GuardLogix PAC is IP67, SIL 3, PL(e), CAT 4 rated with 4 MB of application code storage space with two full-featured EtherNet/IP device-level ring (DLR) capable connections.

Plus, it provides access to the controller-mode switch, USB port, secure digital card and power-supply switch, along with 24V DC power pass-through to supply power to other on machine products. This feature allows power to be routed from one machine device or module to another, eliminating the need for a power supply for each device and simplifying the overall system architecture.

Mounting tabs can be rotated vertically or horizontally, giving users flexibility on where and how the product is placed. The controller is programmed in the Rockwell Software Studio 5000 design and engineering environment.

Rockwell Automation