Montana Eggs LLC opened the doors to its new $9 million, 58,000 square-foot egg grading facility in Great Falls, Mont.

The new operation will process more than 280 million eggs annually from a supply of 1.2 million chickens.

"The demand for Montana-grown, free-range organic eggs is expected to double over the next few years, and this facility will help us meet the demand," says Mike Kleinsasser, secretary-treasurer.

The facility is owned by a partnership of 30 Hutterite colonies that make up Montana Eggs. For over 70 years, the colonies have been driving the dairy industry and producing 98% of Montana's eggs.

A new 197-acre development site called AgriTech Park opened in in 2016, offering customized, shovel-ready, heavy industrial lots with rail access.

The new Montana Eggs facility will bring 20 new jobs to the region. Eggs are expected to begin shipping from the site this fall.