Marina Mayer,Refrigerated & Frozen Foods' new editor-in-chief, is no stranger to the food industry.

It’s not everyday that people can say, “I love my job,” especially when many of today’s companies are cinching raises, bonuses and company perks just to save a bottom line. Despite today’s economical hardships though, everyone in the food industry continues to love their job.

While I’m not a processor, packager or plant operator, I’m still someone who’s in the food industry. And I can easily say, “I love my job.”

I call it, putting my college degree to work.

When I graduated from Indiana University’s journalism school, I never thought in a million years that I would be working for a trade publication. It was the glitz and glamour magazines that caught my attention.
But after four years of working side-by-side bakers, dairy processors and snack producers, I’ve learned that covering hoity-toity movie stars who need personal umbrella holders isn’t all that exciting after all. To me, the glitz and glamour IS the food industry. It’s the sparkle in the eye and the sing-song in a president’s voice as he/she speaks about their dreams, goals and successes of his/her company that make doing what I love worth it.

That’s why I’m proud to introduce myself as the new editor-in-chief ofRefrigerated & Frozen Foods,replacing the coveted Bob Garrison, who is now editor-in-chief ofPrepared Foods, a sister publication.

Yes, I’m aware that I have big shoes to fill (size 11 to be exact), but I’m already thankful for the warm welcome many of you have produced.

I’m no stranger to the food industry.

For the past four years, I was executive editor forSnack Food & Wholesale Bakery andDairy Foods, both sister magazines. I’ve covered new products, ingredients, equipment, market trends, tradeshows, industry events and feature stories on Milano’s Cheese, Home Run Inn, Frozen Specialties, Inc., Ellison Bakery, among several others.

I also come to this publication with big ideas, fresh thoughts and the determination to continue growing the brand that Bob built.

Thank you Bob for building a fabulous empire that isRefrigerated & Frozen Foods. I hope that I can continue to serve our readers, advertisers and the industry proud.

I am open to suggestions, feedback, news items and more. I can be reached at or 847-405-4008.

It’s nice to “meet” you.