After several years of decline, the frozen foods industry is experiencing an uptick in sales, ringing up nearly $57 billion annually, according to a study released by The American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI), Arlington, Va., and Food Marketing Institute (FMI), Arlington, Va.

This and a bunch of other stats scattered the pages of our 2019 Top 150 Frozen Foods Processors report.

And, yet here we are, in November, placing a frozen vegetable processor on the cover for the first time in our magazine’s 29-year history.

That’s because giants like B&G Foods—the recipient of Refrigerated & Frozen Foods2019 Frozen Foods Processor of the Year—continue to develop, innovate and introduce new products that deliver a freezer-full lineup of on-trend, better-for-you frozen vegetable-based products—from field to table.

Placing a frozen vegetable processor on the cover of our magazine speaks volumes as to where the industry is going, which categories are experiencing the most growth and why the resurgence of frozen foods is real.

For years, the frozen vegetables category has remained stagnant. No real product development, packaging enhancements or penetration from new players. But, B&G Foods has built a reputation for acquiring struggling brands, and nurturing them back to new levels of success, and today, the Parsippany, N.J.-based company is in position to redefine the frozen vegetables category.

Also making waves in future covers are the four processors selected to grace the cover of our December 2019 issue. Stay tuned to discover who’s been named Processors to Watch in 2020.

And, kicking off our 30-year anniversary coverage is our January 2020 issue, complete with our 2020 Refrigerated Foods Processor of the Year; Top 25 Refrigerated Foods Processors report; articles on high-pressure processing trends and technologies and the future of hydroponic farming; and a special anniversary interview with a previously covered Processor of the Year.

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