Royal Hollandia superior quality imported Dutch cheeses announce their debut in the United States at The Winter Fancy Food Show. Offering a full lineup of wheels, wedges, snacks, slices, and a new entry pack size cheese line. A combination of traditional Dutch cheeses from Mild & Aged Gouda, Maasdam, and Edam to Chili Pepper and Mediterranean Herb are offered in different formats to meet the needs of consumers.

The Royal Hollandia brand offers retailers exceptional product standout on the shelf and at the counter. The visible brand offers strong assets that help consumers navigate the deli and drive purchases. This new product has consumer-friendly packaging making it easy to select your cheese of choice with easy-to-read cheese types, flavor descriptors, and an important symbol. Pairing options and a flavor scale are also included in the entertainment cheese assortment of Wedges and Entry Packs. 

“We at FrieslandCampina are extremely excited to bring Royal Hollandia branded cheeses to the US Market, says Debbie Seife, Director of Marketing of FrieslandCampina. “The Royal Hollandia line is based on creativity and innovation that originated in Holland and has been handed down for generations to create this truly superior and delicious line of cheeses.”

The Royal Hollandia product formats include:

  • Royal Hollandia Entry Packs launches an entirely new size of cheese for the deli.  This unique entry point allows consumers to try cheeses in smaller sizes and at smaller price points.  Entry Packs are available in six varieties that are perfectly portioned in 3.5-4 oz exact weight pieces. All product ships in shelf-ready packaging that is easy for retailers to stock and easy for consumers to shop. These are the perfect addition to any cheese case, and all varieties in the case take up just over one foot of space. Royal Hollandia Entry Packs are available in 5 varieties Mild Gouda, Creamy Swiss, Smoke Flavored Gouda, Chili Pepper, Mediterranean Herb, and Parrano Originale is available as the 6th item in the lineup. All Entry Packs have clear descriptors with pairing suggestions and a flavor profile scale, allowing ease of purchase into the specialty cheese category or trial of a new cheese type.
  • Royal Hollandia Wheels, Balls, Bulk Products, and Wedges offer a wide variety of products perfect for consumer entertaining, including Gouda, Edam, and Maasdam, which all owe their name to the Dutch cities they originated from. Mild Gouda, which has a mild taste and creamy texture; Aged Gouda which is aged for 7 months for a rich, full flavor with a subtle sweet taste; Mild Maasdam offers a slightly sweet and nutty flavor; Beechwood Smoked cheese is creamy and flavorful;  Mediterranean Herb masterfully merges the flavor notes of black olives, tomatoes, basil, and garlic;  Mild Goat Cheese is made with 100% pure pasteurized goat’s milk for a mild and creamy taste; Chili Pepper a combination of creamy Dutch cheese with diced chili peppers to add a special kick; Mild Edam is known for its recognizable round shape and red wax coating, this cheese has a mild and mellow flavor with a smooth and creamy texture also available in a loaf format. Spiced Leyden is a classic Dutch cheese spiced with cumin seeds to give the creamy cheese a pleasant, slightly spicy taste. All consumer labels have clear descriptors with pairing suggestions and a flavor profile scale, allowing easy navigation in the deli case.
  • Royal Hollandia Snacks are the perfect premium grab-and-go snacking option as consumers look to the deli for premium snacking. Great for lunch boxes, quick and easy snacks, and on-the-go consumption. The pouch is made from fully recyclable paper and can be merchandised standing up or hanging from the peg hole. Available in Mild Gouda, Smoked Flavored Gouda, and Chili Pepper.   
  • Royal Hollandia Slices premium sliced cheeses offer consumers delicious and flavorful options. They are the perfect pack size for premium slices at 4.93-5.64 oz in 8 packages per case. Offered in a peel and resealable tray with peg holes and is shipped in a Shelf Ready Package for easy merchandising options. Available in five varieties including Mild Gouda, Creamy Swiss, Mediterranean Herb, Chili Pepper and Smoke Flavored Gouda.