Clarion Lubricants is your one-stop source! Clarion® Food Grade Grease No. 2 effectively lubricates machinery used to process, package and store food in temps from 0 to 275°F. Clarion® Food Grade White Mineral Oils are ideal for coatings on fruits and vegetables, bakery pans, dough dividers or as a release agent in processing areas. Clarion® Food Machinery A/W Oils are suited for machinery that processes, packages or transports food as medium pressure hydraulic systems. Clarion® CompressorGard® is perfect for hydraulic systems and compressors in meat and poultry processing plants, bakeries and fruit and vegetable plants. Clarion® Synthetic Refrigeration Fluid is a high performance non-foaming lubricant that works with many refrigerants, including ammonia, carbon dioxide, Chlorofluorocarbons, Hydrochlorofluorocarbons and mixtures of these refrigerants. Providing outstanding thermal stability and oxidation resistance, the fluid possesses a naturally high viscosity index allowing it to be used with temperatures as low as -48°F (-54°C).

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