Stein Ultra V Batter Mixer

Batter up! Pardon the play on words but with baseball season in full swing, JBT FoodTech, Sandusky, Ohio, introduced its latest piece of equipment. Officials say the Stein Ultra V Batter Mixer is a versatile “switch hitter” on the plant floor.

Built with semi-automated features for a wide range of applications, officials say the new machine can mix standard batters as well as light tempura. The Ultra V also features a three-way valve that permits recirculation and/or transfer of mixed batter - either independently or simultaneously - as well as a square tank with a proprietary design that delivers quicker and more efficient mixing.

In addition, the unit’s mixing motor is separate from the transfer pump drive for independent functions and, ultimately, improved flexibility. In another example of versatility, the machine can be paired with a stainless centrifugal pump or a positive displacement pump - depending on the user’s application requirements.

An operator-friendly system includes a choice of either push-button or touch-screen controls. The optional touch-screen controls facilitate accurate, repeatable settings for mix time and water quantity, as well as batch management and monitoring of overall performance. 

JBT says operators can quickly and easily dismantle the Ultra V Batter Mixer’s bearing block assembly without having to lift the machine. The mixer’s stainless steel piping, square tank with rounded corners and open-frame design help simplify cleaning. Introduced this year, the Ultra V Batter Mixer is part of JBT FoodTech’s new Ultra V coating line, which also includes a batter applicator and breading applicator.