Rising Sun Farms, Phoenix, Ore., introduced a new flavor to its all-natural DipnSpread line—Thai Cilantro & Lime.Rising Sun Thai Cilantro Dipnspread

This new flavor brings together lemongrass, lime, cilantro and fresh ginger with a dash of coconut milk in a cream cheese base, resulting in a harmony of Thai-inspired flavors.

"Our goal was to develop a flavor almost like a fine wine—smooth, bold and refreshing, a delight for the palate. When we lost count of all the 'wows' during our test marketing, we knew we had a winner," says Elizabeth Fujas, owner and president.

DipnSpreads are naturally gluten-free, cream cheese-based dips designed for spreading on sandwiches, tortillas, cooked fish and burgers or used as chip, shrimp or veggie dips. They can be found in grocery chains, specialty shops and independent grocers throughout the United States.