Global Monitoring, LLC, Springfield, Pa., developed the Messenger GMU8120 Remote Monitoring Unit, designed to check equipment operations in hard-to-reach andGlobal Monitoring remote monitoring unit environmentally-challenging locations and report data and emergency conditions via cell phone, text, email or computer.

Configurable with industry standard 0-5V, 4-20mA or dry contact sensors that detect temperature, pressure, voltage, vibration and other parameters, the Messenger creates a database of vital conditions that can be integrated into predictive maintenance programs. Using historical and current data, facilities can determine when to do equipment maintenance, inspections, cleaning or repairs.

The Messenger also sends early warning signals of emergency conditions to pre-programmed telephone numbers to notify key personnel of any anomaly. Using the remote control capabilities of the remote monitoring unit, users can start, stop or reset equipment, reducing the need to dispatch a technician.

The Messenger also performs a wide range of control, communication and input processing tasks, and can totalize flow through a pipe, track run-time hours of a pump, check environmental conditions, regulate temperatures and remotely reboot a computer or PLC.

Global Monitoring, LLC