A M King Construction, a design-build company based in Charlotte, N.C., completed the renovation and improvement of a rail dock belonging to Seaonus Cold AM King ConstructionStorage in Jacksonville, Fla. The rail dock services Seaonus’ major off-port perishable facility.

“This project is a success for both Seaonus and for A M King,” says George Lehnerer, project manager for A M King Construction. “We completed the rail dock improvements two weeks ahead of schedule, and Seaonus had no lost production time due to the project. It makes me proud to deliver what our client needed, ahead of schedule, while making sure the client’s work continued uninterrupted.”

Lehnerer also notes there were no safety concerns during the project.

“We replaced the entire roof, including all structural steel,” he adds. “We also installed new electrical, mechanical, refrigeration and fire suppression systems. Without proper safety training and standards, a project of this size certainly has the potential for safety issues.”

A M King Construction saved Seaonus the cost of disposing of the steel from the roof by salvaging and recycling the material. Seaonus now has a new 3,100-square-foot rail dock to load and unload perishable product on rail cars. The dock is being utilized for both domestic and export shipments.