Accellos, Colorado Springs, Colo., launched AccellosOne SkyTrack Mobile as part of its Transportation Suite of products.

AccellosOne SkyTrack Mobile provides seamless, real-time visibility for dispatchers and drivers by enabling information transfer between Prophesy DispatchSeries Accellos mobile trackersoftware and Android Smartphones or Tablets. AccellosOne SkyTrack Mobile runs on virtually any cellular network and allows for the sending and receiving of load information for efficient communication during any trip. The application also allows drivers to view their exact location along a scheduled load via interactive maps.

Within AccellosOne SkyTrack Mobile, Prophesy DispatchSeries users are able to exchange the following data:

•Shipper name and address
• Consignee name and address
• Scheduled arrival and departure times
• Actual arrival and departure times
• Bill of lading
• Signature capture for proof of delivery
• Pickup and delivery reference numbers
• Directions
• Load instructions
• Seal number
• Goods information, including weight, pieces, pallets and tons