LeddarTech, Canada, introduced Industrial Leddar Sensor, a unique detection and ranging product that detects, locates and measures all types of objects—solid LeddarTech sensoror liquid—even in the harshest conditions. As it contains no moving parts and comes in an IP67 enclosure, it is rugged and weather-resistant, always ensuring unparalleled performance.

Optimized for up to 165-foot detection, the Industrial Leddar Sensor provides distance and angular positioning, continuously analyzes an area of 16 segments and can be configured at the touch of a button. The sensor has a built-in Presence Detection Mode, where the outputs can be set according to whether or not there are objects within configured detection zones. The Teach Configuration feature uses the perimeter of the sensor’s surroundings as the detection zone. The sensor measurements from all segments can be acquired in real time through the RS-485 link.

The Industrial Leddar Sensor utilizes a 45-degree beam and is specially designed for quick and easy integration into a wide variety of applications.

At the heart of the Industrial Leddar Sensor lies the patented Leddar technology—detection and ranging technology that performs time-of-flight measurement using pulses from infrared LEDs. Combining multiple independent active elements, typically 16, into a single sensor, Leddar continuously provides rapid and accurate detection and ranging in the entire beam without any moving parts. The large beam and diffused light pulses of the Industrial Leddar Sensor, processed through innovative algorithms, allow for the detection of a wide range of objects under various environmental conditions.