Cashco, Inc., Ellsworth, Kan., now offers customers even more choices for pressure regulation with the SLR-1 and SLR-2 self-loading regulator valves. Cashco self regulating valve

The SLR-1 consists of a DA4 high-performance, pressure-loaded, flow-to-open, pressure-reducing regulator with either a Cashco P1 or Fairchild Model 10 pressure-reducing regulator mounted on. The inlet of the main valve diverts into the P1/Fairchild, which in turn reduces the pressure to whatever level is required inside the cover dome to maintain the set point of the main valve.

The new SLR-2 self-loading regulator valve employs a P1/Fairchild valve mounted onto a DA4 pressure-reducing regulator, however it is not self-relieving. Instead, the cover dome pressure constantly bleeds through a filter and check valve and dumps back into the outlet of the main valve.

Cashco, Inc.