Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, Wis., added a new custom-device plug-in capability to its FactoryTalk AssetCentre v6.0 asset management software. System Rockwell Automation factory softwareintegrators can now develop re-usable plug-ins to connect the software to unlimited third-party devices, thus expanding monitoring, backup and recovery capabilities for critical automation-related assets.

FactoryTalk AssetCentre software is an asset management tool that allows manufacturers and industrial operators to centrally manage controllers and other automation-related assets. It archives asset configurations on a regularly scheduled basis, tracking changes and providing a point of return for faster recovery following an unscheduled downtime event. Archived asset configurations can also be saved and used as a “golden copy” configuration, allowing customers to pinpoint exactly what should be running in their automation layer and compare it with what is actually running.

This software also archives user actions and changes, allowing operators and technicians to audit any changes that have been made to more easily identify a problem’s root cause, such as when a temporary code fix to keep a line running leads to an unanticipated downstream issue. Regular comparison reports inform operators of any discrepancies that might be occurring between an asset’s last saved configuration and its current parameters.

Rockwell Automation, Inc.