In response to manufacturers' requirements to laser mark on plastic packaging, metal containers and other industrial products faster with more code content, Videojet Technologies, Wooddale, Ill., introduced the Videojet 7510, a 50-watt fiber laser marking system.

This new marking laser is specifically engineered for high-speed beverage and extrusion manufacturers who need to code data such as expiry information, lot and batch numbers and other critical production information onto robust materials, including plastics such as high-density polyethylene (HDP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP) and nylon, as well as metals such as aluminum and stainless steel.

For substrates like aluminum and extruded plastics, the new 50-watt fiber is said to be 65-95% faster than the 20-watt offering in short product pitch applications.

Certain metal and plastic applications, typically found in beverage, canning, and extrusion operate at very fast production speeds. The 7510's high-speed capability is complemented by a large marking window, up to 498 millimeters in length, which provides more time to engage a moving product to achieve the desired mark.

In addition, the 50-watt fiber laser provides a higher quality beam compared to Nd:YAG lasers, allowing it to run faster than traditional solid state lasers. It also enables a choice of working distances, varying from 122mm to 543mm, and a choice of a straight or 90-degree marking head orientation.

Videojet Technologies, Inc.