The Friozem Group, Spain, acquired a unit in Brado Logística, Colombo, located in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba. The 17,500-square-meter branch situates on a 41,000-square-meter plot along the BR-116.

The warehouse has 25 docks, 122,000 cubic meters of rooms and 24,000 cubic meters of dock area, the equivalent of 24,400 pallet positions.

“The dock area is 20 meters wide by 105 in length, allowing for large movement of goods,” according to Fabio Fonseca, chief executive officer.

The rooms are reversible and the outer space of the unit ensures a wide area for parking and vehicle maneuvers. The new warehouse, which began operation Aug. 1, will serve the entire metropolitan region and the interior of the state of Paraná.

Flavia Duffeck was appointed general manager of the new warehouse.