The Krone Commercial Vehicle Group, UK, announced plans to construct an ultra-modern coating plant in Werlte, UK. The 16,000 m2 plant, situated in Bernard-Krone-Straße, will house what is known as the Surfaces Centre, complete with integrated and fully-automatic chassis storage.

“The new coating plant will upgrade the Werlte site to the most technically-advanced industrial facilities currently possible,” says Bernard Krone, owner and chairman.

The new plant will also feature the CDC plus powder coating method (cathodic dip coating followed by powder coating), specifically addressing the latest environmental considerations and further reducing emissions. For example, emissions from the new annealing ovens will be treated by thermal post-processing, thus resulting in significant reduction in odor emissions and energy use. This enables Krone to make a vital contribution to reducing CO2 and achieve wastewater treatment.

In addition, Krone intends to construct a new access road to the factory that will direct factory traffic flow via Kasernenstraße. This will permanently relieve the traffic load in Bernard-Krone-Straße as well as significantly reduce noise emissions. Dispatch is also to be relocated, and will be provided with direct vehicle access to the ring road. The various receiving areas at the Werlte site will also be completely redesigned.

A new, modern assembly line with a higher degree of automation is also planned for future generations of vehicles.

The master plan, knowns as “Progress 2020,” is to be implemented by the end of 2020, and will enable Krone to expand and safeguard the Werlte production site for the long term.