PDC International, Norwalk, Conn., introduced a system for the precise application of tamper-evident shrink bands to tapered and straight-wall canisters, including the oval “sqround” tubs used for deli and dairy products.

The FC-200 Sanitary Design Shrink Bander is a robust, flexible system engineered specifically for containers used for ice cream, spreads, oatmeal, yogurt and dried fruit. Fully mechanical, these systems perform without vacuum, pneumatic devices or spinning knives.

This shrink bander also meets all sanitary environment criteria, including requirements related to construction, access, ease of cleaning and hygiene. Sanitary construction features include zero penetration of hollow frame members, motorized washdown modes for cleaning and stainless mesh guarding rather than typical polycarbonate panels. 

FC-200 Series Shrink Banders operate at 30-300 cpm and use dual servos for greatest reliability in product handling and sleeve feeding. They are ideally suited for the application of tamper-evident shrink bands to tapered and straight-walled tubs, including both traditional round containers and the “sqround” containers (oval “square rounds”). They are also compatible with major commercial shrink sleeve films, including freezer-grade films such as PVC, PET, PETG, OPS and PLA films in gauges as thin as 30 microns, depending on throughput and cap configuration.

FC-200 Shrink Banders can be upgraded with additional sensors, various PLCs and touchscreens, power transformers and motorized height adjustment with pre-set positions for quick changeovers. Zero-downtime splice-on-the-fly material accumulators are also available.

PDC International Corp.