Cambridge Engineered Solutions, Cambridge, Md., introduced the Rexnord1200 Series MatTop Chain, a new line of side-flexing plastic modular conveyor belts designed for moving a wide range of packaged and non-packaged food products in radius applications, such as bakeries, packaged salad and fruit and vegetables suppliers and refrigerated and frozen food processors.

The chain can be installed on new OEM conveyor equipment or used to upgrade existing systems to carry heavier loads around corners at higher rates of speed.

The 1200 Series is said to offer a tighter turn radius than other products on the market while reaching maximum speeds up to 246 feet per minute.

The 1200 Series comes in four versions providing solutions to all side-flexing needs:

1255 (1.25 flexbelt standard. Also available in SuperGrip option)Capable of S turn; offset pin retention; direct food contact; SuperGrip option for packages and containers.

1265 (1.25 flexbelt with reinforced outer modules)50% stronger than 1255; TwistLock pin retention; indirect food contact.

1275 (1.25 flexbelt with tight fit inner radius modules)—tight side-flex; offset pin retention; direct food contact.

1285 (125 flexbelt with tight fit inner radius modules and reinforced outer modules—strong and tight side-flex; TwistLock pin retention; indirect food contact.

The 1200 Series also boasts three edge versions—flat (non-tab), tab (hold-down tab) and Positrack (Bevel, which allows easy lift of the belt). The guiding tab underneath the belt is equipped with a separate sliding block that reduces friction and resistance in the curve without compromising the strength of the belt.

The 1200 Series chain is made from FDA-approved acetal and polypropylene for low friction and high strength.


Cambridge Engineered Solutions