Swift Sensors, a cloud wireless sensor Internet of Things (IoT) provider based in Austin, Texas, and Actus Data, a Denver, Colo.-based provider of artificial intelligence and advanced prescriptive and predictive analytics, announced a partnered to deliver the Swift Sensors/Actus Data IoT analytics solution.

“We are excited to partner with Swift Sensors to help businesses transform IoT data into actionable results,” says Paul Konkel, chief executive officer of Actus Data. “Whether a business is looking for something as broad as increasing operational efficiency or as specific as predicting equipment failures, advanced analytics will increase the ROI of every sensor.”

“It is one thing to see sensor data in a database or on a spreadsheet, but it is something completely different to bring that data to life with advanced analytics,” adds Sam Cece, founder and CEO of Swift Sensors. “By working with Actus Data, we are providing our customers valuable insights to make better decisions and deliver data-driven results. There has never been a better time to make the Internet of Things a core component of your business.”