The MBE Series MagMixer from SPX Flow, Charlotte, N.C., was designed specifically for reliable operation and regulatory compliance in life science applications.

The unit has no shaft penetrating the tank, thus requires no mechanical seals, provides high torque capacity with optimum cleanability, and with bottom-mounted magnetic agitators, is ideal for low-viscosity blending, dissolving solids and solid suspension in sterile applications.

Precisely engineered using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the MagMixer MBE utilizes Lightnin A281 3-blade hybrid axial/radial impellers in an open construction to maximize flow while facilitating easy cleaning and sterilization. Alongside optimizing product flow, the impellers contain strong magnets that produce high levels of torque capacity in a compact form. 

The magnetic impeller removes the need for shaft and seals. Strong, over-sized ceramic bearings reduce the risk of breakage, are product lubricated and produce exceptional mixer stability, reliability and performance.

The MBE Series MagMixer is controlled by a variable frequency drive with operating speeds of 200-1,000 rpm.

SPX Flow, division of SPX Corp.