Compac, New Zealand, launched the Sizer Simulator, a unique simulation tool that enables fruit and vegetable packhouses to prepare for incoming fresh produce batches.

This innovation means that Compac, part of TOMRA Food, is said to be the first supplier to offer packers a virtual environment for running produce.

Sizer Simulator makes it possible to experiment offline without posing any risk to production. How it works is, Sizer Simulator creates a digital replica of the existing packhouse infrastructure, allowing optimization of machine set-up and processes in a virtual environment. Known as a “digital twin,” this technology allows operators to run no-risk trials of new setups for improving yield and packing efficiency.

As a starting point, Sizer Simulator can use real fresh produce data recorded from the sorter during previous runs. Users can re-run the same “virtualized” fresh produce as many times as they like to assess the impact of adjustments made to the software. Initial trials indicate that Sizer Simulator can also help predict bottlenecks in the sorting process.

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