Linx Printing Technologies, UK, made enhancements to its Linx PrinterNet secure, cloud-based service.

Linx PrinterNet now offers remote monitoring and control of Linx printers via a simple and secure cloud connection. Linx PrinterNet also enables customers to use a range of different printing technologies, such as CSL lasers and additional Linx CIJ equipment, to manage their entire printer fleet from a single interface. 

Designated users can receive real-time email alerts for faults, warnings, consumable replacement and proactive advice and maintenance from the Linx Technical Support team.

The Linx PrinterNet KPI dashboard shows at a glance whether production is on target for each batch, enabling production managers to track production jobs against targets and make changes to ensure batches finish on time to meet customer deadlines.                                                                                           

In addition, the remote backup and restore facility ensures users that a copy of their printer settings and messages are safely stored in a secure cloud, eliminating the need for a USB drive. The secure message store allows managers to control which messages are stored on each printer to reduce the risk of operator error through selection of the wrong message or by editing messages incorrectly. Furthermore, customers decide when to run a software upgrade to fit in around their production schedule.

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