Onset, Bourne, Mass., released the new MX Gateway, a device that communicates to Onset HOBO data loggers using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and then automatically transmits logger data through the internet to Onset’s cloud-based HOBOlink software platform.

The MX Gateway is ideal for users looking for remote access to data from Onset’s BLE-enabled HOBO MX series loggers for monitoring indoor environments such as office buildings, warehouses, indoor grow facilities and more.

In combination with HOBOlink, the MX Gateway gives users the ability to view and manage all BLE logger data and easily configure alerts such as out-of-range measurements, low-battery warnings and stopped or missing loggers. Users can also use HOBOlink to export data, set automated data delivery and create custom dashboards for data visualization.

The MX Gateway is compatible with HOBO MX data loggers for measuring temperature, relative humidity, dew point, carbon dioxide and light intensity.

Onset Computer Corp.