Blackline Cold Storage, LLC, a public cold storage warehouse developer and operator, has chosen Ryder System, Inc. to manage the warehouse operations for its project currently under construction at the Port of Houston, Texas. 

The 298,000-square-foot state-of-the-art cold storage facility is located within the heavy-haul corridor, in close proximity to the Barbours Cut and Bayport container terminals, and with convenient access to the regional interstate highway system and multiple Class 1 railroads.  

Blackline Cold Storage has chosen to align with Ryder, a leader in supply chain, dedicated transportation and fleet management solutions, to manage the facility's warehouse operations, scheduling, order fulfillment and distribution services the location. Ryder's comprehensive and proven 3PL experience will provide Blackline Cold Storage with a full suite of flexible and efficient operational solutions that maximize customer satisfaction, value and efficiency. 

"We are extremely excited to have Ryder on the team as we prepare to launch the Port of Houston cold storage warehouse operations in 1Q-2022," said Blackline Cold Storage CEO Mike Day. "Ryder's deep experience as a top 3PL and cold storage operator provides the necessary assets, people, and technology to ensure a successful launch and state-of-the-art operations for the benefit of our cold storage customers. The current supply chain disruptions and challenges across the U.S. only further highlight the importance of such strategic relationships." 

With more perishables moving through southern ports, strong growth in food sales, a growing trend of online grocery shopping, and an insufficient and aging stock of food storage facilities, Blackline is developing a modern, safe, and efficient cold storage network that incorporates flexibility for multiple segregated temperature zones (including blast freezing capability); 50+ foot clear ceiling heights; and both truck and rail connectivity in order to serve a broad range of cold storage customer requirements. 

"Ryder is thrilled to be chosen by Blackline to manage its new, modern, flexible, and strategically located cold storage facility in the Port of Houston," says Darin Cooprider, senior vice president of consumer packaged goods for Ryder. "We look forward to delivering industry leading services that will enhance the customer experience and business performance, as well as deepening our relationship with Blackline as it continues to grow and thrive in the cold-storage space." 

About Blackline Cold Storage, LLC
Blackline Cold Storage, LLC is a public cold storage warehouse developer and operator owned by Blackline Partners, LLC, a private growth-oriented company that has developed into an integrated asset development and investment company that today focuses on unique and opportunistic projects leveraging its core strengths and experiences in commodities, supply chain management, facility operations, logistics and distribution.