Rite-Hite introduced the Dok-Lok Dock Timer, a new visual management tool for enhanced loading dock productivity. Unlike other material handling products on the market, the Dock Timer lets logistics personnel take control of each dock position by monitoring the total duration of loading activities.

Either counting up or down, with time displayed in minutes and hours (00:00 time format) at any interval, the dock timer automatically begins when the Dok-Lok vehicle restraint safely secures a trailer to the facility. When integrated with an optional trailer presence sensor, which helps confirm trailer presence without the need to step outside on the dangerous drive approach, the timer begins counting once a trailer is detected at the dock position. The dock timer stops counting when the vehicle restraint disengages the trailer, signifying the load is complete. 

Facilities customize the set shipping window for each dock position, helping to accommodate various trailer types and load size needs. Minimal training is required as the dock timer utilizes numbers and colored backgrounds on the Graphic User Interface (GUI) for ease of adoption. The intuitive control interface indicates with colored backgrounds crucial loading time milestones, such as: timer not running, timer running, shipping window within 30 minutes, shipping window exceeded and load complete.

Compatible with all new or existing Dok-Lok vehicle restraints, the seven-inch color LCD GUI provides clean and simplified controls with state-of-the-art low voltage panel that is prewired with external connections brought into precoded terminals. The NEMA 4X GUI does not control the Dok-Lok or any other piece of loading dock equipment and is available as remote mount.

Helping improve loading efficiencies, the dock timer allows facilities to increase trailer throughput to support additional capacity. The real-time visual management tool helps dock workers better prioritize material handling needs based off total displayed time. For example, black text on yellow background universally communicates that time is within 30 minutes of shipping window or time has exceeded so fees are incurring.

When optimized with Opti-Vu, the IIoT Platform automatically logs each load time allowing facilities to intuitively track loading processes and make data-informed decisions based on real-time events and historical trends at each dock position.

About Rite-Hite
Rite-Hite, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a leading manufacturer of material handling systems designed for maximum safety and productivity. Principal product lines include vehicle restraints, dock levelers, dock seals and shelters, logistics IIoT solutions, industrial power doors, HVLS fans, industrial curtain walls, snow removal machines, barrier safety systems, machine guarding products, dock accessories and services.