Back in 1870, Lubriplate’s founders set out to make the highest quality, best performing lubricants available. In doing so, they helped pioneer the use of anti-wear additives that significantly increased lubricant performance through the years. Today, that innovative tradition continues with their complete line of ultra high-performance, 100% Synthetic, NSF H1 Registered, Food Grade Lubricants. Manufactured under strict NSF/ ISO 21469 Certified and ISO 9001 Registered quality control standards, these lubricants are formulated to deliver a number of significant, cost effective advantages, including; extended lube and fluid change intervals, multiple application capability, lubricant inventory consolidation and improved performance. Clean, safe and non-toxic, their use can eliminate lubrication as a critical control point in HACCP programs.

All Lubriplate Lubricants come with Lubriplate’s ESP Extra Services Package at no additional charge. Services include; a complimentary plant lubrication survey by a factory direct representative, color coded lubrication charts and machinery tags, a toll free technical support hotline and email, and follow-up lubricant analysis.

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