Best-New-Retail-Products-Nominee-BadgeFruit Infusions incorporate delicious fruit chunks infused with antioxidants. These cups offer a smart and convenient snacking solution for the modern consumers ever-evolving needs in five refreshing flavors: Happy Heart Peaches and Pears in Cherry Hibiscus Juice, Stay Well Grapefruit in Pomegranate Flavored Juice, Boost Me Mangos & Pineapple in Fruit Flavored Juice, Glow on Peaches in Passion Fruit Guava Flavored Juice and Gut Love Pineapple in Pineapple Ginger Flavored Juice. Each with a full serving of fruit and unique ingredients to support different nutritional needs, like healthy digestion, hydration, energy, and antioxidant support. This product is a healthy snacking choice as it’s made with real fruit juice and does not contain added sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, artificial certified colors, preservatives, or GMO ingredients.

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