Del Monte introduces Del Monte Fruit Infusions, a line of adult fruit cups infused with antioxidants and additional benefits, supporting different nutritional needs.

As consumers seek more health benefits from foods, Del Monte’s new line of products provides a convenient & healthy way to get in a full serving of fruit plus added wellness benefits through unique ingredients and zero added sugars. This product is one of many exciting new innovations from Del Monte launching nationwide this year.

Del Monte Fruit Infusions are available nationwide for a MSRP of $1.69 in four flavors variations, all infused with antioxidants:

  • BOOST ME contains mangos, pineapples in mango and dragon fruit flavored juice, coffee extract and vitamin C for a boost of energy
  • GUT LOVE contains pineapple in pineapple ginger flavored juice, turmeric and pre-biotics to support digestion and a healthy gut
  • STAY WELL contains grapefruit chunks in pomegranate flavored juice, elderberry extract and vitamin C for immunity
  • GLOW ON contains peaches in passionfruit guava flavored juice, coconut water and aloe for inner beauty & hydration