Thickening Gum

A new brochure from Cargill Texturizing Solutions discusses the benefits of galactomannans, marketed under the Viscogum name. Guar and locust bean gums have excellent synergy with other hydrocolloids to thicken and/or form gels in a wide variety of food applications including ice cream, dairy products, dressings, sauces, soups, water dessert gels and bakery products.
- Cargill Texturizing Solutions
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Flavor companies unite

Newly formed Agilex Flavors & Fragrance Inc. supplies “concept to completion” food and beverage flavors, including custom-designed natural, artificial, nature identical, certified organic, Kosher and Halal varieties. Agilex is made up of several flavor and fragrance companies united to take a “new approach” to flavor and fragrance technology. Member companies are AromaTech, International Fragrance & Technology, Technology Flavors & Fragrances, Key Essentials, FlavorSource and Western Flavors & Fragrances.
- Agilex Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
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Say cheese

Add flavor and healthy nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin A and protein with Freeze-dried Cheese from Van Drunen Farms. The cheese is available in both shredded and powdered formats for use in bread mixes and other products. Varieties include Cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack and Mozzarella.
- Van Drunen Farms
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Fair trade certified vanilla

Nielsen-Massey has added a Fair Trade Certified Vanilla Extract to its extensive line of pure flavor extracts. Fair Trade certified products come from smaller farmers in developing countries who are paid a fair price for their products. Fair Trade Vanilla is made from vanilla beans grown in sustainable, integrated shady fields. Nielsen-Massey works with TransFair USA, a Fair Trade certifier, to produce the vanilla, which can be used in cooking and baking applications.
- Nielsen-Massey Vanillas Inc.
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