Pest control specialist Orkin Commercial Services, Atlanta, has partnered with NSF International, a public health and safety organization, to develop a free online training video to prepare food processors for the pest control portion of their third-party audits. 

The video features an Orkin pest management expert with 15 years in the industry and a 35-year NSF International food safety veteran with more than 10 years of experience auditing food processing facilities. The video follows both experts as they walk through a working food processing facility and highlight common areas where food processors are likely to lose points during third-party audits. The video, "Two Experts, One Customer," is available on under the Orkin University tab.

“This video provides a quick and easy review for food processors before their own third-party audit,” said Zia Siddiqi, Ph.D., Orkin's director of quality systems.  “Having both a pest management expert and an auditor highlight possible areas of deficiency provides insight into what goes through an auditor’s mind.”

A leading authority on food safety, NSF International has previously collaborated with Orkin on educational resources for food processors – bringing a valuable auditor’s perspective. 

-- Orkin and NSF’s Pre-Audit Checklist provides a step-by-step checklist and pest control recommendations for food processing, manufacturing, and storage facilities preparing for third-party food safety audits.

-- The short 15-question Sanitation and Storage Quiz allows facilities to evaluate and improve their practices for sanitation and storage. 

Both are available under the Orkin University tab on and on the NSF Training and Education Web site.

“The new video provides essential training information for any company preparing for a food safety audit,” said Jim Bail, director food safety and quality, NSF International.  “By providing the basics in food safety, companies can help make sure that they have the proper quality control procedures in place and are ready for the rigorous inspection.”

Additional training videos available on Orkin University Online include:

-- The ABCs of Pest Habitat Modification, in which Orkin Technical Director Ron Harrison, Ph.D., shows how food processors can make their facility less "pest-friendly" long before any chemical treatments are applied.

- In 5 Steps to a Better Audit, Dr. Siddiqi shares tips to help food processors improve their next food-safety audit score.

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