Instead of hosting its own industry convention next year, the nation'sRetail Bakers of America(RBA) will join the triennialInternational Baking Industry Exposition(IBIE) Sept. 26-29, 2010, in Las Vegas. IBIE is sponsored by theAmerican Bakers Associationand theBaking Industry Suppliers Association.
"The IBIE committee reached out to RBA to discuss a partnership that would be mutually beneficial and would contribute to the overall well-being of our industry," said IBIE Chairman Rich Hoskins. "This agreement is a huge step toward achieving IBIE's position as the one event that brings the entire grain-based foods industry together and further proof that IBIE is dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of our industry."
RBA, McLean, Va., represents approximately 2,000 retail bakeries and affiliated suppliers. Terms of the IBIE agreement provide for RBA exhibitors to be fully integrated into the IBIE show floor -- rather than be placed in a separate pavilion or hall. Additionally, RBA will continue hosting its own convention, the American Retail Bakery Exposition, in non-IBIE years.