MOOV launched gourmet frozen fruits-raspberries dipped in white chocolate and strawberries dipped in dark chocolate containing 70% cocoa.

These premium fruits are grown, harvested and sorted with care and then coated in fine chocolate, hand-crafted by genuine Belgian chocolatiers, to create an original product at less than 100 calories per 40-gram serving.

"We wanted to put our frozen food know-how to work to create an innovative product, enhancing the smooth texture and gourmet taste of Belgian chocolate with the juiciness and natural sweetness of our fruit," says Patrick Goguillon, chief executive officer of Alasko Foods Inc., Canada. "The ability to create a completely new category and combine these ingredients is testimony to our company's investment in innovation."

For best results, the product should be thawed at least 5-10 minutes before serving.

They come in 227-gram packages across major Canadian grocers such as Loblaws, Provigo, Maxi, Real Canadian & Atlantic Superstores, Sobey's, IGA, Marché Tradition, Bonichoix, Rachelle-Berry, Quality Foods and Safeway for about $6.