DCI Cheese expanded its line of blue-veined cheeses.

DCI Cheese Co., Richfield, Wis., expanded its line of blue-veined cheeses to includeSalemville Smokehaus Blue wedges (a hand-crafted Applewood smoked blue cheese with a slightly sweet, lightly smoky flavor that pairs nicely with apples, walnuts and sweet wines),Salemville Reservewedges (a premium blue-veined cheese that undergoes extended aging to achieve an earthy and savory flavor for burgers and salads) andSalemville Reserve crumble cups. Additionally, all of the brand's 4-ounce wedges received a packaging upgrade.

Salemville cheeses are farmer-certified rBGH free, rich in calcium and contain no preservatives or chemical additives. Plus, they feature creamy textures and consistent veining.