DCI Cheese expanded product offerings for its Nikos, Landana, Alexis de Portneuf andDuVillage 1860lines.

DCI Cheese Co., Richfield, Wis., expanded product offerings for its Nikos, Landana, Alexis de Portneuf and DuVillage 1860 lines.

•    Nikos Crumbled Fat Free Feta, available in a 6-ounce cup, allows health-conscious consumers to enjoy traditional, full-flavored feta without the guilt. Nikos Feta in Brine, available in a 4-pound pail, extends the brand’s Mediterranean-styled offerings to discerning foodservice customers. It carries a suggested retail price of $3.99-4.99.

•    Landana Red Pesto is a Dutch gouda-styled cheese crafted with tomatoes, oregano and garlic to yield a robust flavor profile. This colorful cheese is available in 7-ounce wedges in re-sealable parchment bags for $11.99.

•    Alexis de Portneuf Bleubry marries soft and blue cheeses to produce a temperate flavor that is not too salty and delivers a delicately smooth and creamy texture.

•    Crowned “Best Cheese in the World” at the 2009 World Cheese Awards, Alexis de Portneuf Le Cendrillon is a vegetable ash-covered goat cheese that features a smooth ivory body and a semi-strong taste.

•    Alexis de Portneuf Saint-Honoré triple crème brie is richly flavored with a smooth texture.

•    Alexis de Portneuf Snow Goat’s Triple Cream Brie is Canada’s first triple crème brie made from a combination of goat’s and cow’s milk. This soft-bodied cheese has a rich and creamy body and a ripened surface.

•    A Gold winner at the 2011 World Cheese Awards, DuVillage 1860 Moon Dust is a triple crème cheese that is coated in ash. Moon Dust features a harmony of delicate acidity that is accentuated with peppery and buttery hints.

•    DuVillage 1860 Sir Laurier d'Arthabaska is a supple, washed-rind cheese with a full-bodied flavor.

The Alexis de Portneuf and DuVillage 1860 items retail for $9.99-13.99.  

All of the above items can be found in select retailers nationwide.