Israel-based afimilk released AfiFarm 4 and AfiFarm Net, an online real-time management system for multiple farms.Afimilk screenshot

Designed for small-, medium- and large-herd dairies of 50-100,000 cows, AfiFarm 4 enables farm managers to supervise their team's activities with an advanced user management system that offers improved authentication, authorization and auditing mechanisms. Critical for managing large farms, these features incorporate advanced improvements for control, diagnostics and monitoring in the milking parlor.

Meanwhile, AfiFarm Net allows overall simultaneous management of an unlimited number of farms that may be located in different geographic areas without limitation. AfiFarm Net's advanced user interface displays and compares data from multiple farms, and can deal with all relevant subjects, including herd structure, fertility, health and milk production. Further, the system allows dairy managers/owners to share and analyze data with external experts like veterinarians or nutritionists.