A new twist on a tried-and-true technology is what makes the Multi-Adjust Piston Depositor the most accurate and versatile, yet cost-effective depositor, according toColbourne piston depositor Colborne Foodbotics, Lake Forest, Ill. 

The traditional volumetric filling process is one that produces extremely accurate deposits while still handling a wide variety of filling types, such as pie fillings, muffin/cake batters, meat fillings, soups, sauces and other flowable fillings.

 The new Multi-Adjust Piston Depositor allows bakers and food producers to control each piston with a simple hand adjustment. This is particularly beneficial when running multi-flavored packages (variety packs with different flavors in the same package) or wider format applications where center weights can be heavier than side-to-side weights.

Additional features include:

·         Pneumatically-controlled pistons or optional motor drive.

·         Up to 60 cycles per minute.

·         Standard width formats of 20, 30, 40 and 50 inches.

·         C-frame or stand-alone options.

·         Conveyorized options available.

·         Hopper dividers for multi-flavor applications.

·         Various shut-off valve options that incorporate drip-free depositing.

·         Optional PLC controls.

·         Can integrate into existing lines.

·         Digital dials make for quick adjustment from product to product.

·         Air reservoir for efficient pneumatic operation.


Colborne Foodbotics