Arena Products, a Rochester, N.Y.-based packaging and shipping solutions firm focused on the development of reusable, sustainable transport packaging Arena Products machinesystems, purchased a 10,000-square-foot Packaging Dynamics and Materials Testing lab from the Eastman Kodak Co.

The purchase will expand Arena's testing, development and commercialization of efficient shipping systems that reduce waste, energy, product loss and costs. The facility is one of only a few labs capable of testing products, materials and packaging systems, as well as simulating various transportation methods such as rail, truck, sea and air, according to Tony Arena, chief executive officer. This facility has a unique capability to accommodate small packages up to large unit loads weighing 5,000 pounds.

"We have an intrinsic understanding of the materials handling industry and the efficacy of reusable container systems when paired with design, engineering and testing," Arena says. "We offer our clients custom solutions from design, engineering, production and logistics, ultimately helping them maximize the efficiency of their supply chain."

The facility is capable of analyzing nearly any product or packaging challenge utilizing International Safe Transport Association (ISTA) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) protocols and as well as Focused Simulation testing. These processes help to identify structural deficiencies early in the development process before operating system components are delivered.

The lab is also equipped to assess issues such as the effects of vibration, shock, altitude, temperature and humidity; material properties such as moisture and oxygen transmission; tensile and compression strength, seal strength, optical density, coefficients of friction and other important material properties.