The new BlueTherm Duo from ThermoWorks, Lindon, Utah, allows users to monitor and record two temperature probes remotely on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch orThermoworks Bluetherm monitoring Android device as part of an industrial, scientific or foodservice process.

BlueTherm Duo is designed with an o-ring sealed housing rated to IP66/67 waterproof levels (splash-proof-not immersible). Large easy-to-read display is backlit for low-light conditions. The BlueTherm Duo reads two commercial thermocouples for better accuracy, wider range and longer probe survival. Rechargeable battery lasts 36 hours (on a full charge), and is re-charged quickly via a standard USB cable. Front panel LED indicators display communications transfer and power status. Optional silicone rubber boot provides additional protection. It comes available with an optional tripod for flexible set-up.

Programmable alerts and pop-up messages prompt changes to heat settings, resting, cool-down, etc.