Sealand’s smart containers, called "Captain Peter", optimize remote container management. Shippers receive status updates and alerts if the reefer container’s condition deviates from the required settings, like temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and the power status of the container, through sensors in the container. This advanced technology solution helps ensure perishable products arrive at their destination in optimal condition to maximize market value and shelf life.

IoT (Internet of Things) enabled ‘smart containers’ are increasingly providing extended protection for temperature-sensitive cold chain shipments. This monitoring technology offers a new level of real-time visibility to reefer data for the full end-to-end journey of a container, as well as tells cold chain participants the whereabouts of containers at any point in its transit. This innovation delivers reefer container monitoring, control and tracking from origin to destination to increase equipment efficiency and greater value to shippers.

Sealand is a Maersk Company.