Jamison RFID, a Hagerstown, Md.-based division of Jamison Door Co., released a series of fully functional, all-in-one portals and read stations designed to Jamison RFID portaleliminate the hassle of deploying radio frequency identification (RFID) systems in busy environments.

For example, MOD3 Guardian portals are said to be the most complete and versatile heavy-duty RFID structures. They provide easy integration to back-end systems, wiring, connectors and cabling, and are available for conveyors, dock doors, interior and personnel doors and aisle positions. It features flexible antenna positioning, an easily removable reader plate and is forklift-resistant.

The Gnome Pedestals provide an unobstrusive RFID solution for public settings. Ideal for retail and wholesale stores, they deliver plug-and-play capabilities, can be easily installed and maintained and come as floor or wall mount options.

Jamison Thin Portals are space-saving options suitable for retail, data center and office environments. Whether mounted or free-standing, they offer a small footprint, can be one- or two-sided, feature an optional light dome and motion sensor and the ability to place the power/IP connectors at the top or bottom on either side of the unit.

Lastly, Jamison RFID Strip are a flexible solution for small area read zones. This all-in-one RFID read station delivers superior read rate performance and can be programmed to read GEN2 RFID tags at a distance of 3-8 feet. This fully-enclosed plug-and-play unit mounts near doorways, storage rooms, hallways, offices and warehouses to provide RFID tracking in asset tracking/supply chain, data centers, personnel tracking, raw materials management, inventory management, work-in-process management, security, retail supply chain, document tracking and cold chain supply. They feature an LED display, buzzer/alarm, snap-on ABS covers and more.

Jamison RFID, division of Jamison Door Co.