The Oil-free Air division of Atlas Copco USA, Acworth, Ga., launched an energy-efficient centrifugal compressor range, designed to save up to 7% on specific energy Atlas Copco centrifugal compressorat full load and up to another 9% at part load.

Composed as a plug-and-run package, the ZH 355+ - 900+ oil-free centrifugal compressor range employs advanced aerodynamics to reduce energy consumption in the core. All of the components are created based on Computational Flow Dynamic (CFD) analysis to drastically reduce pressure drops in the package. Inlet guide vanes (IGVs) further reduce energy cost by 9% at part loads as compared to a throttle valve control.

To ensure continuous production, ZH centrifugal compressors employ milled impellers and servo-controlled IGVs to deliver trouble-free performance and high lifetimes.

Plus, it boasts Class 0-certified quality of air. A fail-safe and unique sealing system prevents the possibility of contamination of the air with oil, without the need of any external buffer air. Oil fumes from the gear box are captured by a motorized demister, thus eliminating the risk of ingestion of oil fumes along with the intake air. This safeguards the end product of the customers against oil contamination.

Atlas Copco, Oil-Free Air division