AB SCIEX, Framingham, Mass., launched MasterView Software, a new software application with built-in automation that quickly turns enormous amounts of complex analytical data into simplified, meaningful answers for safer food and cleaner environments.

Designed for both targeted and non-targeted analysis, lab personnel can now use accurate mass technology, such as the TripleTOF 5600+ System or TripleTOF 4600 System, to accelerate the process of generating relevant information from complicated data sets, save time with the flexible reporting functionality and have confidence in the results—all without needing to hire an expert in mass spectrometry. 

MasterView Software extracts accurate mass-based information from complex TripleTOF-generated data files to rapidly identify and quantify targeted contaminants in food and environmental samples. It also enables sample control comparison to identify non-targeted or unexpected compounds using automated formula finding and ChemSpider searching. 

The software features a user-friendly interface with colored symbols for more efficient data review. It enables the elimination of irrelevant peaks. In addition, the speed of acquisition and use of MS/MS data allow lab personnel to reduce false positives and false negatives.

The AB SCIEX TripleTOF system is a high-resolution, accurate mass platform with high speed and high sensitivity. It combines qualitative and quantitative analysis, extending the ability of lab personnel to targeted analytics and survey for unknowns in a single run.