Alpina, Batavia, N.Y., expanded its Greek yogurt lines to include all-natural yogurts that are created using an authentic straining process and combine the simplest Alpina Greek yogurt lineupingredients such as milk, active bacteria cultures and fruit.

The Alpina Greek yogurt line now includes Pineapple, Raspberry and Key Lime Pie, while the Alpina Greek with Artisan Granola line welcomes Pineapple with Tropical Chia Granola, Raspberry with Super Foods Granola and Black Cherry with Super Foods Granola.

“Expanding our Greek yogurt lines allows us to continue satisfying the consumers’ growing demand for healthy and wholesome all-natural yogurt options,” says Gustavo Badino, general manager. “The holiday season is the perfect time for us to be adding several new and exciting flavor varieties to our already extensive product line, as consumers are seeking out snacks that are fulfilling and indulgent without the guilt.”