Hinds-Bock Corp., Bothell, Wash., introduced a fully automatic, high-volume depositing line designed to increase productivity, decrease labor costs and improve the Hinds Bock ring cakebottom line for ring, layer and sheet cake bakers.

Optional features include a batter depositor or secondary depositor for swirled, layered batters or fillings such as fruit, cream cheese, mousse or chocolate; positive shut-off spouts that cleanly deposit around the center cone of the ring cake pan; automatic swirling stations; dry ingredient depositors for nuts, chocolate chips, sugar, sprinkles or flakes; and streusel depositors for high-fat streusel.

This line also comes with automatic spreading systems for ring cake pans. The line is designed to operate with individual or strapped pans and is available in single or multiple lanes to meet the production speed requirements of even the largest wholesale bakery.

Hinds-Bock Corp.