Crown Equipment Corp., New Bremen, Ohio, introduced the Crown TSP 7000 and TSP 6500 Series Turret trucks featuring the company’s innovative MonoLift mast. Crown TSP7000 turret truck

One of the most direct ways to gain throughput in very narrow aisle warehouses is to increase speeds. By providing faster lift, travel, pivot and traverse speeds, the Crown TSP Series helps operators complete more cycles within a defined time period.

The Crown TSP Series also offers greater flexibility throughout a warehouse by being able to place most loads at any height and/or at any open slot, all while traveling in a tight aisle with less than six inches of clearance. The rigid design of the MonoLift mast is rooted in a boxed-in cross section construction that significantly minimizes twisting and swaying, providing greater stability and higher heights.

These turret trucks feature a main lift speed of 120 feet per minute. They are also said to deliver a 25% advantage in travel speed, and can complete a full traverse in only five seconds and pivot a full 180 degrees in six seconds. The Crown TSP 7000 turret truck can reach a total of 675 inches, or six stories, and deliver most loads to full height.

Meanwhile, the Crown TSP 6500 can reach a total of 531 inches. It also features regenerative braking and lowering systems that capture lost energy and return it to the battery. This regenerative technology, combined with the option to use a larger battery, position the turret truck for energy savings and run time improvements of 25% or more, depending on the application.

Crown Equipment Corp.