Yale Materials Handling Corp., Greenville, N.C., introduced the MPB045-VG heavy-duty walkie pallet truck. Yale walkie pallet truck

This heavy-duty walkie pallet truck features Yale’s patented Smart Lift, which is said to reduce cycle times by up to 25%. Smart Lift automatically permits the pallet to rise to maximum fork height without the operator having to continually hold the lift button, creating simultaneous lift and travel.

The truck can also be equipped with Yale’s industry exclusive Smart Slow Down technology. When the operator turns the truck during cornering, this feature automatically reduces the truck’s speed, enabling the operator to maneuver through the warehouse with increased confidence.

The walkie pallet truck’s control handle is optimally positioned through a mid-mounted, shortened design, and provides optimized ergonomics with the largest operating range, allowing the operator to move the handle to various working positions while maintaining a solid grip for additional control. Lift, lower and horn push buttons are located at the operator’s fingertips for easy access without having to release the grip.

Yale Materials Handling Corp.