Every day, pedestrians and forklifts maneuver through buildings, covering the same territory and often navigating the same path. When those paths cross, the result Collission Sentrycan be damaging—not only to the equipment and facility—but more importantly, to people.

That’s why Sentry Protection Product, Lakewood, Ohio, created the Collision Sentry collision warning system. Designed to create a safer working environment in industrial settings, this warning system provides a visual warning to drivers and pedestrians that traffic is around the corner. When motion is detected on both sides of the corner, meaning a collision is possible, LED warning lights signal in both directions that there is traffic around the corner.

Features include:

• A redesigned sensor circuit board using digital components make the units more accurate and more immune to radio frequency (RF) interference.

• A new, much faster initial flash pattern designed to attract more attention.

• Updated optics to reduce possible cross-aisle false triggers.

Each patent-pending unit is easy to install, is self-powered, portable, compact and lightweight and can be deployed immediately. Collision Sentry snaps on to pallet racks using integrated magnet mounts.

Sentry Protection Product